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  Web Guide Control Systems 

  Edge Position Control/EPC 

Minply's EPC is a major web control product that automatically aligns the edges 
of web. They have been adopted by hundreds of companies and have very been 
successful in reducing personnel costs, accurate streamlining production operations, 
fast response, high durability, stability, heavy load, and tranquility etc. As to the 
sensor, sensing nozzle which is easily available and sensitive fast detects various 
web lines for EPC control system. So far, general type C-201 and special type 
C-202 in Minply can be used for the EPC system on various customer's winding
specifications. Moreover,
Minply's customized (OEM and ODM) EPCs are our
custom manufactured and designed to your special load specifications.


Those two types C-201 and C202 in Minply are adopted and are to correct where 
the edge of an irregularly wound roll feeds to a slitting, printing or laminating 
processes, meandering of the web occurs in the intermediate guide roll and 
winding reel systems. The controller operates the work cylinder to move the reel 
in the direction to return the edge to its established path.


        1. C-201
         2. C-202
         3. C-204
         4. C-210
         5. Customized (OEM/ODM) EPC

         1. Sensing Nozzle
         2. Photo-head Sensor



           1. Oil Cylinders

           2. Air Cylinders

           3. Guide Roll Mechanisms

 GO Specifications

                             1. Low Price
                                    2. Excellent control Accuracy and Sensitivity
                                    3. Quiet Operation and Large Operating Force
                                    4. No Contact Between Sensor and Web

Air Shaft/Chuck/EPC/Brake&Clutch/Tension Control/
Web Inspection and Automatic Color Register Systems
/ Slitting&Laminating&Re/Unwinding&Flexographic&Rotogravure 
Printing Machines