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- Air (Expanding) Chucks -
Minply's air chucks can grip a wide field of the inside wall of the core with a firm, 
even pressure that prevents slippage from chuck and enlarges core life. 

Minply's air chucks provide economical, and high-torque designs. The air chucks 
consist of three basic parts - a metal body cast in tough, durable, steel or aluminum 
alloy, an uniquely elastomeric air expanding element and and end cap. They have set up a reputation with their hard-wearing, long-lasting qualities and overall durability in the industry for reliable and non-slip grip that affords maximum roll control and permits the running of winding machines at maximum speed. 


's air chucks are designed for rewinding and unwinding with shafts or in shaft-less application. 


Air ( Expanding ) Chucks

1"x3", 3"x6", 3"x8", 3"x10",
            3"x12", 6"x12"

Standard Gripping Length (FL)-
    150mm and 300mm


     1. 6082 Aluminum Alloy Treated
       by Anode with Hard Film

     2. 2-year Comprehensive  Warranty
3. Long Life and High Reliability
     4. Heavy Duty and High Torque
     5. Insert Easily
     6. Low Maintenance
     7. First Grade Seamless Steel with 
        Chrome-Plated Surface


- Safety Chucks -    

Minply's safety chucks provide extremely economical, and excellent wearing design to be quickly, safely, easily, and precisely coupled and removed in frequently actuating and stopping operation. Moreover, All Minply's customized (OEM and ODM) chucks are our custom manufactured and designed to your specifications and characteristics. Tightly held with tough structure, chucks can be loaded with strong torque and heavy weight without slipping while actuated. 


Minply's safety chucks provide a safe, fast, effective way of coupling torque devices 
to shafted unwind and rewind systems. Heavy duty bearing design ensures maximum 
load and speed capabilities for most converting applications. 

Coupling/Safety Chucks

1. Pillow Block STO/STW

         2. Flange Chuck FLO/FLW


20~ 50 Square Coupling Journals


1. Low Price 
                               2. Greatest Gripping Force. 
                               3. Quick Actuation and Replacement
                               4. Easy Maintenance and Utmost Durability
                               5. No Core Slip and No Damage to The Core 

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Web Inspection and Automatic Color Register Systems
/ Slitting&Laminating&Re/Unwinding&Flexographic&Rotogravure 
Printing Machines