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Minply's powder, disk, and air brakes/clutches are designed for tension control of 
most winding systems. 

Air and disk brakes/clutches- air-operated system - Shafts or rolls are actuated or 
stopped by the action between air pressure and lining/disk. No residual air pressure is 
asked to conquer springs or other retracting devices. Every minimum of air is used 
for predetermined torque resistance or tension environment.

Powder brakes/clutches-electromagnetic powder-operated system - When the coil 
is excited, attraction force tends to stiffen due to the flux strength and the powder is
attracted, so that torque is transmitted during continuous slipping. Thus, even an 
ounce of powder can be fully controlled by precise current flow around brake and 
clutch to actuate or stop the action of web. 

Powder brakes/clutches provide many features such as a wide and easy torque 
control, stable slip torque and a large allowable continuous-slip heat-dissipation 
rate etc. 


       Minply's brakes and clutches are designed for exact tension control system where webs 
are unwound/rewound from rolls of material, for webs such as paper, films, rubber, 
textiles and foils. 

                              Clutch Types : Powder Clutches/Air Clutches

1.2, 2.5, 5, 10,                  



                      Brake Types : Powder Brakes/Air Brakes/Disk Brakes








  1. Low Price
                                       2. Easy Operation
                                       3. Fit to Automation Control
                                       4. Operating Sensitively, and Wide and Easy Torque Control
                                       5. Stable Slip Torque
                                       6. A Large Allowable Continuous-Slip Heat-Dissipation Rate

Air Shaft/Chuck/EPC/Brake&Clutch/Tension Control/
Web Inspection and Automatic Color Register Systems
/ Slitting&Laminating&Re/Unwinding&Flexographic&Rotogravure 
Printing Machines